The 3rd Vilnius Light Festival starts tomorrow in the capital – information for those who want to go

On Friday evening at 10 p.m., the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival will begin – Vilnius’ residents and guests will have an exceptional opportunity to admire modern light art works decorating the capital for three evenings between August 13 and 15.

“The Vilnius Festival of Lights is a light in the darkness, literally and figuratively. Against the backdrop of today’s current affairs, there is such a need for positivity, good mood and light, which is why I am delighted that, thanks to the tireless creators of the festival, we can now admire the third edition of Vilnius Light Festival. I invite all Vilnius residents and visitors not to miss the opportunity to see the capital in a different light. Although the installations are in open spaces, avoid gatherings to protect yourself and others,” says Edita Tamošiūnaitė, Deputy Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality.

This year, the Vilnius Light Festival invites you to start your long-awaited and promising journey through the capital’s new Paupys district and continue it using the festival’s mobile app: travel through the winding streets of the Old Town, visit the brightly illuminated green squares and fields of the New Town, all the way to the Gediminas Avenue and the other additional artistic light objects while admiring the panorama of Vilnius from the Tauras Hill.


A mobile app will show the way

Visitors of the Vilnius Light Festival will be able to navigate the route connecting two dozen artistic light installations created by Lithuanian artists and seven other foreign artists. You can find and visit all the objects more easily with the help of the updated mobile app, which can be downloaded or updated in the App Store:  or Google Play:

A new shining object on the festival route

On August 13 and 14, the Vilnius Light Festival route will add one more glowing object – the night vaccination point in Lukiškės Square. All those who come to admire the open-air art gallery of the Light Festival will also have the option of coming to Lukiškės Square to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in just a few minutes, without pre-registration (you just need ID). During the festival – on Friday and Saturday – the point will be open until midnight. Vilnius residents and visitors will be able to choose from a selection of vaccines:” Vaxzevria” (formerly “AstraZeneca”), “Moderna” or the single vaccine “Janssen”. The latter is a noteworthy offer: just one vaccination and your autumn is safe. Winter will be safe, too, with the fourth Vilnius Light Festival coming up in January.


Festival priority – visitor safety

While other public events bring many people together into one place, visitors to the Light Festival will be dispersed throughout the city, yet we still encourage you to be alert during the festival. Protect yourself and those around you by observing the hygiene requirements of wearing medical masks and maintaining a safe distance.

Please note that several installations on the Light Festival’s itinerary unfortunately do not have easy access. These include Kotryna Čalkaitė’s installation “Process” on the outdoor terrace of the MO Museum and Vėjas Aliukas’ work “Connection” in Petras Cvirka Square. Therefore, please assess your options for safe movement in advance.

We also recommend that those who have visited Radu Ignat’s “Hope” art installation on the Tauras Hill take the footpath along V. Kudirkos Street towards Gedimino Avenue, bypassing the stairs of Tauras Hill.

Good news for those returning from the seaside on Sunday as well – on the last evening, the Vilnius Light Festival will be waiting for visitors until 1 a.m., so holidaymakers who are in a hurry will still have time to visit it.


Traffic changes and night buses during the festival

During the Vilnius Light Festival, the following changes to traffic organization in the capital are planned.

Vehicle traffic will be prohibited:

For the convenience of Vilnius residents, night buses will also run in the capital during the festival:


Night buses 101N, 102N, 103N, 104N and 105N, on which regular tickets are valid, will run on the following routes during the festival:

Information on the operation of public transport, night bus timetables and traffic changes is available on the website, on the social network, on mobile phones (m.stops.ltm.Ticket, Trafi) and during office hours by phone (8 5) 210 7050.


The 3rd Vilnius Light Festival invites you to visit the capital’s open-air light art gallery on August 13-15 from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., and on the last evening of August 15 from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.


See you at the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival!


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