Open call

We are launching an open call for artists and organisations to apply for the Vilnius Light Festival, which will take place on January 25th-28th, 2024.

Project proposals are invited to reflect on and interpret the phenomenon of continuous urban transformation.

The main feature representing a city full of life of is constant change. Old buildings are renovated or replaced by new ones, some residents leave the city and others find their new home there, all kinds of events stimulate change and enrich the city’s history. Technology plays an important role in transforming the city and its rhythms of life.

Are you ready to make a difference in the city?

Main criteria for evaluating project proposals:

    • conceptual framework (the project reflects the narrative of the open call);
    • originality / innovativeness (there are not many similar works on the market);
    • technical feasibility (clear information on the creation and display of the project in a specific location);
    • materials (the materials used maximise the quality of the visual effect)
    • completeness and reasonableness of the estimate;
    • the scale of the project is appropriate to the scale of the chosen site and its urban environment;
    • the resistance of the materials and equipment chosen for the project to harsh weather conditions: snow, rain, wind (up to 20 m/s), ice, temperature (down to -15 C);
    • an original musical soundtrack;
    • post-festival display possibilities;
    • the project is located in a central part of the city.

Lights must be the main and integral means of expression of the projects – various light sources and / or reflective materials.

The open call is valid until – 30th of June 2023.

To apply for the selection, please fill in the form:

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: