From the international conference TEDxEindhoven to Vilnius Light Festival

Out of 16 participants of the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival, which will take place in the capital on August 13-15, seven of them are foreign guests. Some of them are members of Hypar Collective (the Netherlands) – a team of intellectual and interactive lighting enthusiasts who will present their light installation called Hypar, constructed out of modular cubes.

The group of representatives from the University of Technology in Eindhoven (a city in the Netherlands which is well-known for its contemporary technologies, research, and the famous Philips Museum, a former light bulb factory) will present their project Hypar internationally for the first time.

During their creative studies lasting from 2017 to 2020, these enthusiasts of interactive lighting have succeeded in creating a long-term ecosystem project, in which all students and experts of intelligent lighting could collaborate. In 2020, these ambitious young people formed a team called Hypar Collective with a vision to create inclusive light installations that are full of new experiences by combining light, sound, and interactivity.

The installation Hypar was created to consistently reflect these principles – this is the biggest project coming from Hypar Collective. It is a modular construction of aluminium cubes that are conjoined in different ways and represent a complex model of a hyperbolic paraboloid. The universal construction can be adapted to any kind of event individually and provides freedom for creators to discover new expressive possibilities. This work conveys and emphasises the importance of interaction between two connected elements that might appear as opposites at first sight – technology and nature.  At the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival, this installation will remind its visitors of diversity and respect for every person’s rights – its light will constantly change colours which will periodically form a rainbow. Thus, the festival and the partner of the installation Telia Lietuva will express their support for the concept of diversity and the LGBT community.

“We promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in Lithuania because we believe that people have a right to feel happy being themselves, whatever the gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, or age. Not only do we have a lot of discussions about this internally but we also contribute to various initiatives, events, and other activities that are intended to support the rights of the LGBT community. We are glad that Vilnius Light Festival will also actively reflect the concept of an open society,” says the Head of Communications at Telia, Birutė Eimontaitė.

The installation Hypar was created and demonstrated for the first time at the light festival GLOW Eindhoven 2019, while more recently, the creators of the installation had the honour to exhibit it on the stage of the international conference TEDxEindhoven. This year the Hypar Collective’s unique installation of shining cubes will entertain visitors of the Vilnius Light Festival too.  Let’s get to know Hypar Collective from up close:

Hypar Collective is a large team. When and how did you get together?

Our team was formed in Eindhoven, the city of light. Since 2006, the annual light festival GLOW Eindhoven turns the city into a magical and inspirational place. We’ve noticed that most of the light installations at the festival were created as passive works of art. So, together with a small group of students, we’ve decided that the creation of light art could also include visitors of the festival. In 2017, we were inspired to establish the team IGNITE that seeks to create long-term, sustainable and interactive light installations that provide new experiences for the people who are involved in the creative process. Already in the first year of its existence, the team was comprised of 20 young people studying industrial design and environment creation. During the three years of our studies we’ve created, tested, and demonstrated modular cubes.

What is it like to work in such a large team?

This team gives us the freedom to apply various skills and abilities. We value sharing information a lot and believe that we will achieve bigger objectives by cooperating. It is also a part of our Hypar vision – to achieve optimal experience and the best results while working together. Of course, a team of eleven people also means eleven opinions. Especially when every team member has their area of expertise. But that is also our strength – to create a fascinating light installation by combining our knowledge, skills and differences.

How did your installation Hypar take its current shape?

Hypar is an interactive light installation where technology and nature merge into one. There is an active atmosphere of sound and light around Hypar – anyone who will be nearby or inside the installation will sense that. We were inspired to create modular cubes by the flexibility of their construction and the creative freedom that comes with it. The construction is composed of a reusable homologous aluminium module. All the cubes have LED strips. And all 160 of the cubes comprise an enormous arch that reaches 6 meters at its highest point. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not use touch-sensitive interoperability modules at the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival.

Technology can complement a work of art and provide its audience with a completely new experience. In your opinion, where is the line between technology and art?

 That completely depends on the outlook towards art. Art is defined as an expression or application of human creative skills and imagination. This definition can be applied to technological novelties as well because there would not be any technological advance without creative thinking. That means that technology could be viewed as a form of creative expression. Hypar Collective aims to integrate aspects of both areas into its work and processes. That is why, according to our beliefs, there is no defined line between art and technology.

What do you expect out of your participation in the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival?

We are very happy to be able to present the installation Hypar for the first time internationally. And even more so as we will do it in the beautiful old town of Vilnius. One of our main motivations is being able to make all of the spectators happy. That is also what we are hoping for by participating in the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival. At this moment, as we are separated more than ever, we are determined to unite again by the means of light.

All the works of the festival’s participants will be available for viewing at the 3rd Vilnius Light Festival, which will take place on August 13-15 (during the Assumption weekend) from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

During the festival, finding and visiting all of its objects will be made easier by the app available for downloading or updating via these links: App Store: or Google Play:

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