“Urban Lights Contacts” is an interactive artwork perceptible by two or more people. This sensory installation is tactile and sonorous. It proposes an original and interactive staging among spectators’ bodies. They are transformed into real sonorous human instruments. Poetically, the spectator is invited to question the perception of the other one. This artwork is composed of a small interactive shiny ball. The first person is invited to put his hand on it. In contact with this shiny ball, their body gets sensitive and reactive to other bodies. If the person remains alone, nothing happens, there is no reaction. They must invite another person to touch them. Both people must touch each other’s skin. Each touch generates variable sounds and lights which evolve according to the proximity of contacts and spectators. In this intimate artwork, the energetic clouds of bodies (electrostatic energy) are musically felt. Scenocosme artists propose a sensory experience with the other person’s body to animate what we cannot detect. In this situation, energetic contacts with other human bodies become sonorous. The creators want to provoke, to overturn degrees of proximity that we use in our relationships with known or unknown people.