Creative team:

Pianist and co-creator of the installation: Julija Bagdonavičiūtė
Concert director, lighting designer and co-creator of the installation: Žilvinas Vingelis
Author of the piano works montage: Andrius Šiurys
Live electronica performer, composer and co-creator of the installation: Domantas Pūras
Engineer and co-creator of the installation: Deividas Dzikevičius
Producer: Darius Vizbaras

In 2023, at the performing arts festivals “ConTempo OFF”, “Išeities taškas” and at the Vilnius Composers’ House, a live concert and sound sculpture, interlinked by modern sound technologies and live streaming, explored the dualism of the domestic-physical and the artistic-ideological nature of the piano – the paradoxical compatibility of the most popular and most perfect instrument in the history of music and the household item.

Ivo Pogorelić, a Croatian pianist, has once said that a piano without a pianist is just a piece of furniture that sits in the house, usually laden with vases and tableware, and whose true performing and musical potential, regardless of its manufacturer and mechanics, is determined by the people around it.

Is our potential entirely up to us? How can a piece of furniture, that has suffocated its music within itself, break free from its enclosure? What dreamlike creature does the vocation trapped inside of us, trying to escape with all its might, turn us into?

These questions were explored in a concert featuring fragments of landmark piano works, where live music became a sonic dream of the transformed piece of furniture.

In front of you, you see an audio and light installation called “A Piece of Furniture”, which is programmed to perform part of the musical dream program from the live concert.