The constellation installation created by the light artist Kotryna Čalkaitė, found its place in a historical space – the memorable 16th century “Bokšto Skvero” complex (Bokšto St. 6). The installation is dedicated to the multicultural restaurants of Vilnius and the treasure trove of contemporary gastronomy that reflects the city’s rich history, with the aim of drawing the world’s attention to the capital’s top restaurants.
“Often things seem impossible, unachievable or out of reach. Sometimes we feel too small and inadequate. This installation, depicting the stylized galaxy in which we live. It symbolically inverts the relationship between the size of the human being and the size of the cosmos. Suddenly we no longer feel like small insignificant particles in the cosmos. The stars, symbolizing aspirations and goals, become within reach,” K. Čalkaitė presents the idea of the installation.