Wouter Brave – Windows of Light

Windows of light is a three-dimensional installation constructed in 3 layers. Large ones in front and each following smaller layer which enlarges the sense of depth. The composition of squares is inspired by a wall with windows that are rendered as a negative of the image. The walls disappear and the windows become planes, colourful and capricious as life displays itself behind windows. The omission of the walls gives the impression of loosely hanging planes in the spaces. This work is strongly influenced by the author’s lifelong affinity with constructivism like Mondriaan and the Stijl. The interaction between the light of the different layers has a significant influence on the perception of planes and space. It creates an illusion of continuously size changing “windows” and a fluctuating depth on the rhythm of the colour play and the minimal music by Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt. The title of his composition is “Canto Ostinato”.