Claudia Reh – Interference

In this light project, interference means the superimpositions as an interaction between different elements, objects, colours, drawings and actions, which arise in the interplay of light and shadow, projection, different transparencies, enlargements and polarizations. A city like Vilnius, whose social structure has changed completely since 1900, today is also a centre of social change, areas of cultural friction and is always new, creating cosmopolitan ways of life. I see it as the greatest challenge to use the treasures of the past and the ideas of the present to create exciting and changeable new levels in culture and social interaction. This light installation deals with this subject in an artistic and abstract way. The projection is done analogously with extremely high-level overhead projectors. Individual images and overlays are created by hand, and are only assembled on site into an artwork that covers the building like a second skin. The German artist dedicates her work to J. Heifetz’s and C. Miłosz’s work and, of course, the city of Vilnius.